Do you want to worry less and smile more?
Do you want to
not only achieve success but enjoy success?
Do you want to
increase your productivity, whilst maintaining peace of mind?
Do you want to
wake up and feel inspired every day?
Do you want to
work smarter not harder?
Do you want to
experience both personal & professional growth?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a life flip is the solution!

Q. What is life flipping and why would it interest me?

A. Flipping your life can be likened to the process of flipping houses. If you were to invest in property that needed renovation or a complete restoration, generally you would seek to make sure that the foundations and the basics were sound first: right? Because what would be the point of having curb appeal if it lacked stable foundations? A savvy buyer would seek to do the things to make the property sound first, before focusing on the aesthetics. And as in a new home, most of the investment goes on the things that you cannot see i.e. the stuff below ground.

So why is it that when we market ourselves personally or professionally, we seek to do the opposite to flipping houses and focus on shallow curb appeal, rather than on the foundations! 

Why? Because we hope that either others won't notice the rocky foundations or that they simply won't matter: but this is a false economy! Why would you plaster and decorate every room in the house before fixing the dry rot or a leaky roof? Surely it would be a futile endeavour?!

With a life flip, your metaphorical dry rot, leaky roof or any other structural problems are quickly identified and resolved using a unique approach that is both integrative and effective at resolving complex problems with simple solutions. 

And when all the foundations and basics are intact, work can quickly progress on to the aesthetics; the aspects that you can enjoy long term knowing that you have made a wise investment in your future. 

Feel free to ask yourself about the stability of your own foundations and if your answer identifies that you are somewhat lacking,……then life flipping may be just what you need! 

& just to give you a better idea of what a life flip involves:

  • Life flipping is not a symptom remover, it is a life overhaul, which is completed in just two days!

  • Life flipping is not about suppressing  your fears, it is about facing your fears head on

  • Life flipping is not a short term fix, rather it is a long term solution

  • Life flipping is not a denial of any issues, but, an acceptance which allows you to let go naturally

  • Life flipping is not based on changing your mind but on reversing how your body has held on to fear

With a complete rejuvenation package those illusive dreams that require a ‘leap of faith’ will soon become a reality when YOU FLIP YOUR LIFE!

And if you are reading this thinking this must be expensive – well you get what you pay for! My approach quickly identifies and resolves deep and complex life experiences and repeating patterns, so that you don't have to experience the pain over many years. The unseen cost of this time could be the impact on your health, relationships and/or missed opportunities:  Consequently, can you afford not to?!


For the entrepreneur, life flipping is even tax deductible!

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