I have spent the last two decades improving the lives and wellbeing of others. Spending much of my career specialising in complex trauma in the NHS, I have evolved a sensitive yet effective approach that works to FLIP LIVES! And I can flip yours too!

I am a Body-Mind Psychotherapist and as such I am passionate about helping people, just like you, flip your life and live your dreams.
I can help YOU:

Life flip burn out and experience freedom
Life flip worry & stress and gain peace of mind
Life flip apathy and achieve joyful living
Life flip sleepless nights and enjoy restful sleep
Life flip anger and establish a sense of calm
Life flip weakness and nurture emotional strength
Life flip fear and panic and be contented
Life flip emptiness and appreciate fulfilment
Life flip not good enough and value acceptance
Life flip relationship issues and secure self-belief
Life flip criticism and restore compassion
Life flip your past and embrace your future

I do what I do because I am passionate about what makes people tick. I grew up in a household where I witnessed domestic violence, experienced neglect, poverty and was bullied at school. I spent much of my childhood adapting to my fearful and abusive environment and as a result, my adult life suffered. I left school without qualifications. My childhood was purely about survival, however I did return to education upon my own volition in my twenties. I studied psychology and not only gained a degree, I also gained a thirst for knowledge. I went on to learn more and more about psychology and its applications, which ultimately led to a Masters’ degree in Counselling Psychology, a teaching qualification and various post graduate diplomas and certificates in various modes of psychotherapeutic interventions. 

The baggage from my past interfered with my daily choices, opportunities, relationships and stifled my personal growth at a huge cost to me.  And I thought my experiences were unique until I began working as a psychotherapist. I realised that we are all on a sliding scale of ‘messed-up-ness’ and that the baggage collected through life does not go away or heal by itself over time.

If your emotional baggage is stifling your personal growth, you may be interested to know the following:

You have two operating systems that control your thoughts and behaviour, your conscious mind and your animal brain. Your animal brain looks after your survival and therefore trumps your conscious mind. All highly charged experiences are saved indefinitely in your animal brain. Storing the experiences aids survival by changing behaviours. Consequently, insignificant experiences still drive unhealthy behaviours. Over a life time, the amount of emotional baggage increases. In effect, the more unhealthy the observed behaviours, the more the animal brain is in control. The accumulated baggage drives current behaviours and attitudes. It remains beyond your conscious awareness until you reach the point of being ‘full’ then it cripples you, e.g. burn out, a total breakdown or even worse, a psychotic episode. To accommodate your emotional baggage, you automatically adapt with impulsive behaviours that incorporate an element of escapism i.e. addictions and obsessions. Or, moreover, it is most likely experienced as some form of neurosis i.e. depression or anxiety.

The trick is to let go of the baggage that the animal brain is storing, BUT you cannot do this with your conscious mind. (This is why i am a Body-Mind Psychotherapist, because my focus is on your body first, mind second.)


I went through periods of instability throughout my life, trying my best to cope with my own baggage. In my adulthood I experienced post-natal depression, anxiety and a burn out. I was knowledge rich but emotionally poor and knew I needed to focus on my own personal growth to get me back on track. As a result, I am in the best position to help you do the same! 


  • Bsc PSYCHOLOGY (Hons)






Sharon Your Life Flip Extraordinaire is qualified & experienced to help

you turn your life around.

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