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Covid-19 - Help!

Do you believe that prevention is better than cure?

Are you aware that viruses feed on low immunity?

So common sense would point to boosting your immune systems right?

Is this what you’re being advised to do in this pandemic? To best help yourself by improving your immunity?

No? Don’t you find that strange?

And what’s even more strange is that you are being enforced to do the very things that would ACTUALLY compromise your immune system:

Excessive hand washing

Excessive alcohol sanitisation

Isolation (we need to connect)

Withdrawal from physical contact of loved ones

Kept in a state of fear

Excessive use of external authoritarian control rendering YOU powerless

All of the above would work to create a susceptibility for disease and/or indeed dis-ease, when taking your mental health into account?! I don’t know about you but I am not sure how SAFE these measures are for humanity?

There is another way: Be kind to yourself ❤️ because Love ❤️ conquers fear ❤️ - Prepare and eat fresh food when you can

- Drink lots of water

- Reduce caffeine/ alcohol - Exercise as much as you can/ are permitted - outside preferably or whilst looking outside if this is possible - Read a book that allows your imagination to run wild with excitement, joy and passion

- If you always shower take a bath and make it a relaxing experience- add music or even sing a song or two (your neighbours can’t bother you lol 😝)

- Do something you have been putting off and reward yourself

- Watch a comedy or a comedian

- Practice mindfulness

- Listen to a guided meditation

- Write letters or notes to everyone you care about

- Look at old photos

- Stroke your dog/cat more

- Spend less time focusing on the media

- Play music that floats your boat

- Be playful

- Keep your body posture open and smile more 😊 - Etc etc

This is not about diminishing what is going on outside of you, rather, this is about nourishing you from the inside out - your body, mind and soul ❤️ You cannot control what is happening externally but you can control how you respond ❤️❤️❤️

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