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Destructive people

Updated: Jan 5

Are you surrounded by people who always seem to know what button to press to hurt you?

Do they pull you down, criticise everything you do and leave you feeling that you can’t do right for doing wrong?

If you have answered yes, then you are experiencing trauma. Trauma is not necessarily experiencing an acute life or death situation, some traumas are experienced more subtly than that.

The main response to trauma is powerlessness.

You feel powerless in response to their abuse. You feel powerless to stop them.

You feel so powerless that you begin to lose all hope and life becomes a constant struggle.

Most people experiencing trauma will feel like they are in quicksand and every attempt to escape is futile and results in sinking deeper down! Do you know the feeling?

The good news is that healing trauma is possible when the right strategies are being used. Overcoming trauma is not something you are taught at school, indeed many traumas begin in school, therefore you do not have the right tools that can help you heal.

You are not doing anything wrong because you are doing the best you can with what you have. This means that to achieve a different outcome, new resources need to be acquired.

You are unlikely to overcome trauma on your own but there is plenty of help out there to support you in doing so.

The main reason traumatic symptoms persist is because most ‘solutions’ will be inadvertently maintaining the trauma. So having a fresh pair of ears and eyes, who understand the impact of trauma can be just what you need to resolve your trauma and get your life back with gusto.

The destructive people may still be in your life but you would deal with them in a power that promotes confidence, capability and personal power!

Focusing on changing someone or something else increases powerlessness - grab back your personal power by focusing on changing you, baby step by baby step. All change is an inside job 😘


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