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Embrace your weaknesses to paradoxically gain strength

Take a tree out of the Eden Project & what happens?

Inside it would have received all it needed to flourish in that environment, however replant it outside and it would certainly perish: why?

Because a tree needs to be strong enough to withstand the forces of Mother Nature; the gusts of wind, the heat of the sun, the impact of the cold and the driving rain.

Trees kept inside do not face trouble and strife, so when taken out of a secure environment they struggle to survive.

As humans, we too need to experience trouble and strife to stay strong, however our inner environment teaches us to steer clear of all adversity to stay safe.

We need to address how we can face the metaphorical elements of Mother Nature and gain strength through acceptance and not avoidance.

It is ok to feel sadness, grief, pain, despair, stress, anger and frustration. Indeed we need to feel these to gain strength and to gain perspective. It is allowing ourselves to feel that enables us to experience our environment to the fullest. Feelings are not to be feared. Feelings allow us to develop and grow if we allow them. To repress them is to bring about our own struggle.

Think of that the next time you tell someone to stay safe rather than take that leap of faith!

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