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Free will – Are you out of your mind?

Huffpost 2014 “What percentage of your mind is subconscious?

That means that the Subconscious or unintentional aspect of your mind represents around 90 percent of your total brain function. Your Subconscious is a vast collection of unintentional, habitual thoughts, behaviour’s, and actions. Therefore, the phrase that best describes the Subconscious mind is NO CHOICE.”

So, if we accept the theory that we only use up to 10% of our brain function with our mindset, then why do we continue to subscribe to the notion that we can exercise free will at 100%?

The 10% represents what is deemed to be your mindset (thinking brain), which means that you have the potential to actively employ your knowledge, experience and wisdom in solving problems, and simultaneously use your passion and flair to be creative and adventurous.

However, there is a big fat elephant in the room!

When you are experiencing physical or mental ill-health, this includes worry, stress and life apathy, your actual ability to access your mindset diminishes even further, therefore what may start off as a potential 10%, could end up at 2% potential at best. This ultimately means that any actions and thoughts are occurring beyond your control and your free will, and therefore. conscious thinking has little significance in your overall performance.

Consequently, there is so much hype about mastering your mindset by changing your thoughts, but it has very little influence on what really happens. You may subscribe to the idea that if you think that you are doing something, or indeed anything, then you feel more in control and feel better about it. But this is futile. It is a way of circumventing the problem by giving you temporary reassurance because your feeling brain craves reassurance. However the problem remains intact.

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