• Life Flip Extraordinaire

Harmonise your chakras

When clients book in for their amazing life transformation, I always suggest that they also embark on some type of energy therapy e.g. Reiki, so that their energy is holistically re-aligned.

Life stresses and strains take their toll on us physically, emotionally and spiritually and just sorting out one area, will not be enough to create and maintain natural harmony.

During a Life Flip you would be focusing on releasing all of the toxic impact that has been holding you back; thereby releasing all of the negative side effect of a chakra imbalance as portrayed in the image.

You would be releasing ego attachment, the illusions that have given you a false sense of security; the lies that you tell yourself and others to prevent you speaking your own truth; the grief and sense of loss that prevents unconditional love; the shame brought about by harsh self-criticism; the guilt produced to maintain your low self-belief/esteem and finally, the fear that has robbed you of amazing opportunities and kept you stuck in a rut.

A Life Flip enables your soul to flourish because the blockages are removed giving you complete access to this warm, nurturing universal love. Energy therapy after a LIFE FLIP give you the icing on the cake!!

You are a vessel of energy and without harmony, you will be reactive, self-sabotage and you will ultimately find fault in yourself and others to the point where you become so toxic, that you accept mere existence as YOUR LIFE - you put up and shut up. You stop dreaming. Your motivation ceases. You fast forward your life. You sweat the small stuff. You feel out of control.

BODY MIND SOUL alignment gives you peace of mind, emotional wealth, happiness in the present moment, unconditional love, acceptance, compassion and empathy and more importantly the ability to rise above the constant demands of the insatiable appetite of your ego, and therefore surrender to the flow of life.

Focusing on just one area of the trigram 'BODY MIND SOUL' will leave you feeling short changed. BUT you can have it all, so why deprive yourself!

YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO LIVE A WONDERFUL LIFE - release your blockages NOW before its too late and your future self will be eternally grateful!

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