• Life Flip Extraordinaire

How a more altruistic lifestyle full of warmth and compassion could be achieved.

1) Wipe your mental chitty clean (the list that you keep reminding you of what people owe you!)

2) Then think of small ways that you could help others. Write a list of things that would actually make you feel good e.g. shopping or cooking for a disabled neighbour; volunteering for an organisation that you are passionate about; giving to your favourite charity by fundraising; or, involving yourself in community projects – removing graffiti or rubbish, so everywhere looks clean and tidy and can be enjoyed by all

3) Smile and acknowledge strangers as well as people you know

4) Buy a stranger a coffee or a meal

5) Help at a school/college or nursing home, sharing a hobby or doing something you enjoy

6) Initiate conversations with neighbours or the those in your community – get to know people – help tackle loneliness and isolation

7) Be complimentary to others

8) Feel grateful for everything that you have and share this attitude with others

9) Look around your community – do you have any ideas that would make it better somehow? Share them if you do.

10) Think about the objects that you do use in your life, could they be improved in any way that would be more helpful? Is there something that you don’t think has been created or invented yet? Share your ideas with others or create them yourself!

You can help make the world a better place to be……. just by being a contributor to it!

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