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How does your garden grow?

Just imagine for a moment the following:

As a child, you had within you an inner garden. Your caregivers and other influential people in your life helped to nurture and cultivate your garden by adding beauty, peace and harmony. Unfortunately, some of those people may also have inadvertently passed on some of their own garbage from their own untended gardens – in effect their weeds may have out-numbered the flowers. Your garden has the potential to become a tropical paradise or a barren desert or any state in between. Think of your own inner garden and who has contributed to it over your lifetime. Would it be beautifully and thoughtfully landscaped or overgrown with a ‘No Entry’ sign to keep people out? Whatever garden you have, it must be tended to first! You cannot add beauty to someone else’s garden without you having any beauty to give. And of course, whatever your intention, if your weeds out number your flowers, you will pass some of each onto the people who you love; therefore ‘Nurture your own inner garden!’

Use the following statement to make a start:

“Even though I did not do everything perfectly as a ……… (parent, child, sibling etc.) I deeply and completely love myself just as I am. I remain true to myself.”

Then visualise tending to your inner garden and every time you repeat the above statement, imagine planting love and kindness to develop and nurture your inner space.

You are responsible for you.


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