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Is it my gut instinct or fear?

When you have that feeling in your gut guiding you to do or say something, how can you be certain that it is working for your own good or not?

The saying is to 'listen to your gut' and many state that they adhere to listening to their gut, but how well do you know your gut?

If you are experiencing any mood from the depressive state, or the reverse, from the anxiety state - a gut feeling to escape or to avoid tends to be your 'state' talking and not your gut!!

So how could you tell the difference?

The short and simple answer is to be quiet and I don't necessarily mean verbally but both in your mind and body. Because when your mind chatter and state induced feelings take over, your gut is no longer able to BE HEARD!

This is also where trust, or lack of it, becomes an issue. If you believe that your gut instinct is guiding you to do something but the outcome is a negative one, do you continue to trust yourself?

When relaxation and mindfulness based awareness is promoted, they are not just important for your physical body to slow down, they promote inner peace and calm, which enables you to listen to your gut instinct and re-establish trust in yourself and others.

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