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Past, present or future?

On a typical day, how much time, as a percentage, do you spend:

Dwelling on your past (ruminating)?

Worrying about your future?

Mindfully in the present?

Do you spend more time in the past, feeling guilt or sadness, or in the future, feeling fearful and stressed, than you do enjoying the present?

Did you know that a productive mindset, when your conscious mind in charge, only operates when you are in the present?

So, if you spend little time in the present, you are not fulfilling your potential. Furthermore YOU are not in control of your thoughts, behaviours and attitudes.

Consequently, when you are ruminating or worrying, your animal brain, the part of your operating system that looks after your survival, has taken centre stage. Therefore, you are no longer in the driving seat of your life and you will ultimately feel out of control.

The animal brain is irrational, illogical, selfish, reactive, both passive and aggressive and any problem solving is problem focused rather than solution focused.

If you want your approach to be rational, logical, selfless, responsive, assertive and solution focused, then you need to Get out of your mind and into your body!

Relying on your mindset is futile because your conscious mind is bypassed every time your animal brain is activated. Your animal brain will trump your conscious mind every time because it looks after your survival.

Your animal brain wants you to fight or flight and in neither of those states can you be happy! Indeed happiness and joy remain illusive when you are in the past or future. Don’t believe me?

Ask a depressed or anxious person how happy they are, how appreciative they are and how much they gain joy and pleasure from certain activities!

So if your current mindset is not giving you the authentic life you crave and deserve, it is because the solution lies in overriding your animal brain. I can help you achieve this!

Liken your life to a car journey....

You can set off with the best of intentions but get diverted on route.

To have the best chance of moving forward you need to be in the present but looking ahead in the short term to stay on track.

You only use the rear view mirror to briefly assess what is behind you and use that information to keep moving forward. Knowing that if you give the past too much attention, your present moment will suffer.

You have a destination in mind but have a flexible attitude in how you get there.

You allow passengers but not let them take over your journey. You are the only one in control of you.

You take regular rest breaks to maintain comfort and focus.

You enjoy the scenery in all directions, feeling relaxed and on track.

Knowing that you only have control over your driving and journey but nobody else’s.

Mechanical issues are never welcomed however they are inevitable as the car ages. Seek support to get you moving again.

And rubber necking other peoples problems only brings you distractions that hinder your own progress.

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