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Rise up - it's your time!

The only way to overcome grief is to go through it.

The only way to overcome fear is to go through it.

So, why do we resist when resistance is futile?

Because we think that avoidance and withdrawal is the best strategy and anything else is just too painful - but we are incorrect!

Let me explain. Have you ever procrastinated over something/anything but when you finally addressed it, you found out that it wasn't as bad as you thought? And maybe then berated yourself for leaving it so long in the first place? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Unfortunately at times of pain, instinctively we are guided to avoid and withdraw, however this guidance comes from your animal operating system (bodyset) which revolves around avoiding threat and seeking safety. And when your animal operating system is activated, your human operating system (mindset) is put on temporary hold. Therefore, any solutions that are favoured are not necessarily good for your health and wellbeing. Indeed they may actively maintain unhealthy behaviours and have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing.

Your bodyset will steer you away from pain and will exaggerate the level of the pain, to make sure you avoid it. However, as you have discovered many times in the past, when you do address something you have been putting off, you can gain satisfaction, confidence and furthermore, it can promote self-perpetuating healthy behaviours and attitudes.

Consequently it is TIME TO RISE above your bodyset and its unhealthy solutions and engage your mindset instead to embrace your life journey, which will of course be littered with pain and obstacles. However, by continuing through the grief and pain, you are in a position to fall in love with life and chase those dreams.

By overriding your fears through acceptance you gain freedom.

By overriding your grief through acceptance you gain the ability to love again.

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