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UMBRELLA effect: Am I worthless? Part 2

So, in Part 1 you were guided to uncover what your umbrella was covering up in regard to the belief - 'I am worthless' but you may have changed this belief for something more appropriate for you.

How did you get on?

Was it straight forward or difficult?

Did you feel resistance or ambivalence to some of the guidance?

Great news! This is a natural and confirms how much your entrenched beliefs are interfering with the life you crave.

You wish to make changes but you just can't seem to maintain them.

You feel you deserve that promotion but your doubts overwhelm you.

You are fed up with being used but feel that there is no other way.

More great news! You are not permanently flawed in any way, you have just been guided by your belief and the belief always acts to maintain its prevalence! And furthermore, with the right approach, the umbrella can be released, meaning that you are free from the stormy weather that that belief invariably brought into your life.

But what is the right approach?

Too often people rely on top-down processing to bring about permanent change, which includes affirmations and 'fake it until you make it' types of behaviours, however this may 'tickle the surface' but is unlikely to produce long-term change without high maintenance strategies. Top-down processing will take up a lot of time and financial investment, whilst simultaneously confirming your umbrella statement. I am positive that if you reflected on your life this far, you could real off a list of the amount of changes you've TRIED to make and the desired outcomes remained just that - unfulfilled desires?

Bottom up processing however, will give you the desired outcome more quickly, thereby reducing your investment whilst simultaneously and naturally reversing your entrenched belief to accommodate desired alternatives. Sounds too good to be true? That's just your entrenched belief sabotaging you again!

Top down processing = mindset managed

Bottom up processing = bodyset managed

Your notes from part 1 equip you with knowledge about the problems associated with your umbrella, so if you are ready to let go, read on.

First of all, how much do you believe your entrenched belief, was it 100% true or was it less?

This is important because if you do not believe it 100% then you are already on your way to letting it go. Whereas, if you do believe it 100%, this means that you may experience more resistance initially BUT nevertheless you will triumph in extinguishing the umbrellas hold on you!

Secondly, when you sit with your umbrella statement, how does this belief appear in your body; does it feel comfortable? Do you tense up? Do you drop your head in shame? Do you have a tendency to return to the foetal position? Or alternatively, do you smile? Feel relaxed? Experience joy and contentment? I assume, rightly or wrongly, that your umbrella statement brings about a negative, closed, tense body posture, which encourages negative thoughts and attitudes to being worthy?

Did you know that over ninety percent of the time, your body leads your mind? Therefore, at times of stress, which involves making changes, your primitive state will take centre stage and your mindset, involving all of your knowledge and experiences will be pushed back stage. This is because ALL CHANGE is viewed by your primal brain

as a threat, even a healthy change, because it is a divergence from your norm - better the devil you know!

So how do I control this primitive response?

Read UMBRELLA effect Part 3 to find out!

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