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Yin and Yang

Are you trying so hard to be in a spiritual place of calm that more and more people, situations and environments are pissing you off?

You try offering love and forgiveness but inside you can’t help feeling resentful?


You are suffering from an imbalance. You are trying so hard to stay positive that you are giving more power to your negativity!

Negativity and positivity are to be experienced in balance, with acknowledgment and acceptance: rather than with avoidance and suppression.

You need both sides to grow. The coin has two sides, but it is still the same coin! Suppressing the negative will actually increase it.

Don’t want to be:

Anxious - you will be

Sad - you will be

Guilty - you will be

Angry- you will be

A bad parent/partner - you will be.

Hurt - you will be.

Poor - you will be.

The solution lies in ALLOWING yourself to feel negative when negative and ALLOWING yourself to feel positive when positive. FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL WHEN YOU FEEL IT! Simple ♥️

Any guilt, shame, anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred etc that you are currently suppressing will seep out in various ways, sometimes in acute outbursts, and other times in chronic unhealthy behaviours towards your self or others.

You cannot get rid of any feeling; they are to be felt in equal measure, as a temporary natural phenomenon, just like breathing. When we resist feelings, they become our enemy - what you resist, persists!

FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL WHEN YOU FEEL IT, without judgement, without control, without resistance ♥️


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