I have shared with you my story, what I offer, how your life can be flipped and now I am handing it back over to you.

I am excited that you are considering this venture and hope that you take this opportunity to pick up the phone and have a chat with me. I am convinced that if you have read thus far, then life flipping is for you, however if you are still unsure carry out this brief exercise.

Take a coin from your purse or pocket. 

Heads will be a YES and Tails will be a NO.

Then flip the coin.


And whilst the coin is in the air, which one are you secretly hoping for it to land on? 




I already believe in you!

You already have all the solutions to anything that you consider a problem, it is just that your baggage gets in the way of making healthy decisions. I know how to release your baggage quickly and effectively, so you really can put the past in the past and start living YOUR dreams!

The end is just the beginning..... 

 Peter was financially stable but wondered how his personal conflicts impacted on his ability to do business – after all he was his business! He worked so hard but could not relax or experience pleasure. Indeed he felt that working so hard to become successful had left him feeling empty and unfulfilled. Ironically he had everything that ‘should’ make anyone happy. Unfortunately, Peter had experienced ‘burn out’. He desperately sought happiness but he was constantly overthinking, which led to many sleepless nights and a familiar feeling of panic. Effectively his life had flopped.
Peter attended one full day and two half days to complete his bespoke Life Flip rejuvenation package.
In his own words Peter said:

“Sharon offered to flip my life. Sharon had cleared my emotional baggage related to my burn out and had also dealt with just about every single issue that had been plaguing me for some time (which were holding me back). I learnt quickly how to face up to my emotions -- developing emotional muscle -- which brought me to the point where I finally feel like me again and more comfortable living in the moment. Sharon helped me to reconnect with myself and showed me how to find happiness. I feel more confident and more capable in facing the future and the world again. Sharon’s service is undoubtedly of a rare kind that would benefit anyone experiencing issues of the mind and body, who is in need of a life flip.”

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